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 Interview récente de RT et BM

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Mister bad guy
Mister bad guy

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MessageSujet: Interview récente de RT et BM   Jeu 11 Jan - 18:24

copier coller d'une interview récente de Brian et Roger, j'ai couper volontairement les passages sur la comédie musicale. Pour ceux qui ne pigent rien on essayera de traduire.

Citation :

GS: Think of the evolution of your band when you started making records and touring and doing what you did, and then now you’re touring into the Paul Rodgers tour, and then there’s this musical - could you have ever foreseen a time when this would’ve been what Queen is – what this has become?

RT: Not really – I mean, it’s difficult to say what Queen is, it’s really us two (Roger and Brian laugh) you know, unfortunately. (Brian mutters) Circumstances made it that way, but we’re very proud of still, you know, flying under that banner.

BM: There is a vibe, you know. There is a spirit of Queen, which somehow we feel locked into, and the great thing about the musical is, it’s not just some fossilised thing like a representation of us, it’s something which lives in a new generation of artists.

GS: It’s kinda like when Queen tours now – you’re picking a band.

RT: I guess we do, yeah. Yes, we’ve been touring with the same guys for a while and they’re great; they’re friends,

GS: Would you say the process of putting other guys together who you knew you had to go on stage with and do these songs, with the audience, was that hard to do?

BM: Actually it was hard, yeah. I mean, Roger and I often would talk about it, you know, should we do this, should we get someone to sing and generally I was very much against it – and Roger needed the money – but (laughter), but I was like you know, “Why would we want to replace Freddie? Why would we want to do this?” The amazing thing happened was that we met Paul Rodgers. I just happened to be on a show concurrently with him and we did ‘Alright Now’ together, and there was such an immediate chemistry there. To cut a long story short, I rang Roger and said “Look, we never thought of this. How about with Paul Rodgers?” Paul Rodgers is not like Freddie. He actually was a hero of Freddie’s, which is great, but he’s so different in style – the whole oeuvre, the whole Queen ensemble takes a different life now. He’s a great collaborator.

GS: What was that phone all like from your end?

RT: To me it worked, cos we all loved Paul, but he was so from left field because he’s just, he was just so unlike Freddie in so many ways. He really comes from the Blues and from Soul, and Freddie comes from (pauses) ‘Neptune’. (laughter) He’s a lot more down to earth, but in a strange way he fitted in beautifully.

BM: Probably from Mercury.

RT: Yeah. Maybe Mercury. Yeah,

BM: (Chuckles) There were people out there who didn’t want us to do it. You know, I do a lot of e-mail stuff. I have a website stuff and people wrote and said “How could you possibly do it without Freddie?” and I went “Well, you know, you’d rather that we were dead? You know, if we’re alive, we’re gonna play. We’re musicians. That’s what we do.”

BS: We’ll get into that a little bit more - Queen, when The Hour returns.

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little queenien

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Age : 27
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MessageSujet: Re: Interview récente de RT et BM   Ven 12 Jan - 16:07

Je l'ai écouté et franchement c'était intéressant (du peu que j'ai compris :p)
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Interview récente de RT et BM
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