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 Paul Rodgers répond à ces fans.

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Mister bad guy

Nombre de messages : 1824
Age : 38
Localisation : Devant mon PC
Date d'inscription : 03/10/2004

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Sexe: Puissant

MessageSujet: Paul Rodgers répond à ces fans.   Mer 17 Mai - 22:23

Citation :
5 (submitted by: sarah) Do you have any plans for some solo shows in the UK/Europe any time soon? And Where do you get your fantastic trousers from?

PR: Hi, Sarah. I agree that I am overdue for a solo tour of the UK...our last one was in '01. Perhaps in the spring or fall of '07?

As for my trousers, thanks for the compliment. Most of my clothes are designed and hand-made by my fiancee Cynthia

Paul envisage une tournée en Anglettere en solo en 2007.

Citation :

#6 (submitted by: Zak Royen) Are you considering the possibility of recording a studio album with Brian May and Roger Taylor?

PR: Thanks, Zak. We have talked about the idea, but one-thousand percent of our focus is on the current (North American) tour. We have added a new song to the set, "Take Love," and both the band and fans seem to be grooving on it.

#7 (submitted by: FFQ) Paul, how does it feel to have become the adopted hero of thousands of Queen fans including young people who may not have been familiar with your back catalogue?

PR: Well, it is lovely. I really enjoyed the guys in the band, and the fantastic reception that the fans gave us everywhere. Some of the emails we got were very, very moving. I shared the fans' delight at seeing Brian and Roger firing on all cylinders again.

Citation :
#8 (submitted by: Phil) Paul, many thanks for taking the time to consider the questions from our forum. Sadly not everyone out there appreciates what you have achieved in the last year or so with the collaboration with Brian and Roger. What would you like to say to the doubters amongst our ranks? What does this project mean to you? Is there anything that could have been done differently? What was the most magical occurrence during the tour? What is the future for Q&PR in your view?

PR: Hey, Phil. For me, it was simple...I got chills plus when we first played together, and I have always followed my instincts. So when Brian and Roger proposed a few dates as Queen + Paul Rodgers, the only question for me I want to play these great songs with great musicians, and have them interpret my songs? The answer was a definte "yes."

As for the critics...I have always felt that the fans are the critics. When you look out onto a sea of smiling faces, you know you are doing something right.

The most magical aspect has been starting off with the concept of a few shows, and having it feel so powerful that we haven't stopped yet!

Citation :
submitted by: CHANTAL) Are you still writing and composing songs and, if yes, is it a part of your plans for a next solo-album/tour ?

PR: Hello, Chantal. As a songwriter, I am always writing new songs. In fact, I was working on a new song, "Take Love," so when Queen and I were in rehearsals I played it, and the guys joined in. We are currently playing it live every night!

As for my next solo album, I had intended to do one for Universal, but now Brian and Roger seem to be keen on recording. So only time will tell. Anything is possible...remember, Q + PR began as a few dates and evolved into a world tour.
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Paul Rodgers répond à ces fans.
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